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Robbin Voight

Thank you, for visiting my site.

My curiosity and love for the natural world started at an early age.

I grew up in the Midwest, with a family of farmers and gardeners, who taught me how to be a good steward of the land.

I listened carefully as my Grandfather preached the importance of soil health, and exactly what organic growing methods were, and why they were so important. He was a maverick back then, always thinking outside the conventional farming box.

My culinary, fresh cut herb farm became one of the initial Texas Certified Organic farms in1993. 

For over 5 years, I provided healthy herbs to consumers at a number of whole foods markets, farmers markets, and small restaurants in and around the Austin area.

Growing, also coincided with an active 30-year career as the owner of a respected Interiorscape company. We provided professional tropical plant design, sales, leasing and maintenance to commercial clients in and around Austin, Texas.

I successfully sold that company in 2018, but I continue to consult with people in the industry, providing business development, practical training and sound advice to newcomers and seasoned business owners. 

I have worn many horticulture hats. Farmer, landscape design and consultant, project manager, plant maintenance technician, grower, wholesale and retail nursery plant buyer and salesperson. 

My new venture, Rooted Right Plants is a accumulation of all my green knowledge and expertise. 

I'm here to help people recognize, and appreciate that connecting with the earth has tremendous health benefits. 

Nature harmonizes our internal rhythms, creates more inner peace, and recharges us. And during that process, it reminds us to relax, and embrace our roots.

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