I've had a curiosity with the natural world from an early age. I come from a long lineage of farmers and environmentally aware land stewards.


Being outside is my happy place. 


Growing up in Illinois and Iowa, I accompanied my Grandfather down lonely county roads. He, explaining the importance of crop rotation, soil health and organic farming practices. In all directions, a sea of corn and soybean fields, dotted with manicured farms with lines of evergreens, as wind and snow screens.

We would spend the morning removing any offensive weed from the perfect rows, marvel at the rapid growth from yesterday, then return home to tend a huge vegetable garden. 

You could recognize my Grandfather coming from a mile away. The pungent smell of fish emulsion fertilizer mixed with earthy compost, permeated his jacket and the interior of his truck. 


Over the years, I've been fortunate to have had knowledgeable mentors, plus vast opportunities and experiences within the horticultural industry. 

My green thumb journey has taken me around the country and on great adventures. 

I've labored on a landscape maintenance crew, managed retail nursery departments, became one of the first certified organic farm here in Texas, growing, cultivating and selling culinary herbs.

My passion for plants led to a 30 year career as the owner of a respected, commercial tropical plant design, sales, leasing and maintenance company in Austin, Texas which I successfully sold n April of 2018.

My new venture Rooted Right Plants, is a accumulation of all my "green" knowledge and expertise. 

I am based in Johnson City, Texas serving the communities of the beautiful Hill Country. 

For more information contact Robbin Voight



 or   (512) 635-5177




"If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."
Frances Hodgson Burnett ~ The Secret Garden 

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