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Hello, and welcome to the Texas Hill County.

Rooted Right Outside is located in Johnson City, which sits nestled in the foothills of The Texas Hill Country, a place abundant with small-town charm, historic relevance, and outdoor recreation. It’s also situated in the center of an industry teeming with tourism. An average, of over 5 million visitors per year pass through the area. 


Shopping, dining, art, peaches, wineries, distilleries, and breweries are all legit and fun reasons to visit the Hill Country. 

But there is so much more to explore in this diverse region. Looking for a “Buzz Free, in the Hill Country” experience?

There are numerous hiking trails with far reaching vistas, rolling hills, wildflowers, birdsong, abundant wildlife, lakes, rivers, parks, and points of interest within reasonable distance from your day trip, or lodging destination.  `

I am your ambassador to the outdoors for a unique, interpretative Hill Country Experience:


Getting out and connecting with nature is good for the heart, mind, and soul. 


We need nature and nature needs us.

Studies have proven that if you spend 90 minutes of your day outside in an outdoor natural area, there will be a decrease of activity in the part of your brain (cortisol levels) typically associated with depression. In Scotland for the first time, Doctors are prescribing nature for patients. Spending time in nature reduces blood pressure and anxiety. It reduces aggressionADHD symptomsimproves pain control, and the immune system. Being engaged and active outdoors, brings a sense of overall wellbeing and peace. Nature it appears, is the ideal setting for healing trauma and the regulation of the nervous system. 

Here’s just a sample of what we’ll be offering.

Scheduled Meetups for, Standup Paddle Board, Pack Raft and Kayak enthusiasts. 
Wildflower identification and organic art workshops in dying, papermaking, pigments and more! 
Aromatherapy ~ how to make natural essential oil products for health and home.
Riparian workshop ~ learn about the amazing life, in and beside our natural creeks, rivers and waterways.
Permaculture workshop ~ What, Why, How
Many of the park systems may offer a guided hike from time to time, but it may not sync with your schedule. I offer interpretative day hikes at selected locations. Or, I can tailor one to your interests.

Oh the Places We'll Go...


Pedernales State Park


Old Tunnel State Park


Schaffer Bend Recreation Area

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