It has been validated by neuroscientists studying the relationship of nature and humans, that plants stimulate parts of the brain related to pleasure and positive outlook. 

And there are thousands of plant varieties. Unfortunately the average gardener and homeowner may only see, or use a fraction of them based on what's available from a "big box" nursery. I source plants from a multitude of places. Scouting for plants is a fulltime job, I'm happy to do. I will advise and incorporate appropriate plant selections, add style, color, texture, form and beauty, plus ease of maintenance into your outdoor, or indoor environments.

I want you to be a successful plant owner, for years to come. 


Plant Sourcing 

Whether you are creating a tropical jungle, or have a more minimalist approach. Having access to a wide variety of plant product is key. I source from numerous quality growers and suppliers.

Living Wall & Moss Art, Design and Installation. 
Fresh, functional, biophilic and aesthetically pleasing.