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We need plants and plants need us.

It has been validated by neuroscientists studying the relationship of nature and humans, that plants stimulate parts of the brain related to pleasure and positive outlook. 

And, there are thousands of plant varieties. Unfortunately the average gardener and homeowner may only see, or use a fraction of them based on what's offered and available from a "big box" nursery, or grocery store. 

I source plants from a multitude of places. Touring nurseries is a fun job! I also work with out of state nurseries and plant brokers.

My goal is to incorporate the appropriate plant selection, into your outdoor and indoor environments using style, color, texture, form and beauty, plus ease of maintenance.

I want you to be a successful plant owner and caretaker. 

Plant Sourcing

I scout nurseries within a 100 mile radius - often. Especially during peak planting season. 
Let me know what you are looking for, and I will do my best to locate it.
Here are a few of my tried and true exterior favorites, for Zone 8ab.
For more photos and ideas,  visit the rootedrightplantstx  Instagram and Facebook social pages.
Living Wall & Moss Art, Design and Installation
Fresh, functional, biophilic and aesthetically pleasing. 
Garden Design and Installation
Specialty gardens and all the elements for a bountiful harvest. 
Landscaping Design and Containerized Plantings