Design and installation support of these specialty gardens: 
Raised kitchen garden beds.
Organic Herb and Vegetable Gardens. 
Cottage Cut Flower Gardens.
Native and Xeriscape.
Butterfly, Hummingbird, Wildlife and Pollinator.
Sensory and Therapeutic Gardens.
Wildflower Gardens. 
Color and Texture  Specialist:
With an emphasis on patio, deck, and poolside.
Containerized arrangements of all sizes, shapes and applications, will be the crowning jewels and add focal points to your landscape. 
Seasonal rotations and comprehensive maintenance schedules offered. 
Moss Art Wall &
Living Plant Wall Installations:
Offering unique vertical, affordable plant and biophilic solutions for your business, or residence.
Connecting people and natural elements to create a peaceful and inviting environment to live, work and play. 
Please visit the gallery and contact Robbin, for further information and project pricing.
Personal Gardener, Virtual Assistant and Landscape Consultant: 
Weekly, monthly, or by project only.
New to the area, or to gardening in general? I offer a consultation package that consists of an onsite walk through to discuss your landscape. We'll cover turf, trees, all plants and most importantly, the soil condition. 
Plus, your ideas and how we can achieve Rooted Right success!