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wildflower dreaming....

It is 18 degrees in the Texas Hill Country this morning. I'm sipping a hot cup of coffee and looking at the plethora of pictures I have on my phone, navigating the select/delete button.

Then I came to the wildflower album. Oh my. This album contains over 600 photos!

Many of the same one...I definitely have some favorites!

I am very fortunate to live in an area where wildflowers are one of the main attractions. Visitors flock by bus, truck and carload to snap the perfect Bluebonnet/wildflower patch picture each year.

Photo credit: Robbin Voight

There are hundreds of flowering plants in this region that consists of the Edwards Plateau, the Lampasas Cut Plains, and the Llano Uplift. Large open prairies, rugged rocky hills, deeply cut canyons, clear streams running over beds of solid limestone, accurately describe this wonderfully diverse, floral habitat.

I hike daily, and enjoy journaling about nature and my observations, as well as having photographed and categorized over 101 different varieties, just where I live.

March usually signals the beginning of wildflower season, but there are a few popping up in February like the yellow Puccoon incisum, yellow Hymenoxys scaposa-Four Nerve Daisy and the colorful blue, pink and white Anemone heterophylla-Wind flowers.

Keep in touch. I will soon be scheduling interpretative hikes to some choice locations, to view the rare, as well as some of our more common beauties.

Here's my current list. With your help, maybe I'll reach 150 this year!

Texas Hill Country Wildflowers


1. Puccoon Lithospermum incisum (Yellow)

2. Four Nerve Daisy Hymenoxys scaposa (White)

3. Wind-Flower Anemone heterophylla (White, Pink, Blue/Lavender)

(ice formations popping out of the stems, if there’s a freeze!) *


5. Golden Groundsel Senecio obovatus (Yellow)

6. Square- Bud Primrose Calyophus Drummondianus ( Yellow w/black center)

7. Crow-Poison Nothoscordum bivalve (White)

8. Prairie Fleabane Erigeron modestus (White to light Pink)

9. Blue Gilia Gilia rigidula (Bright Blue)

10. Texas Paintbrush (Orange)

11. Death Camas Zigadenus Nuttallii (White)

12. Wild Hyacinth Camassia scilloides (Lavender to Purple )

13. Blue Eyed Grass Sisyrinchium ensigerum (Blue)

14. Deer Pea Vetch Vicia ludoviciana (Lavender/blue)

15. Blackfoot Daisy melampodium leucanthum (White)

April ~ May ~ June

16. Frog-Fruit Phyla incisa (White)

17. Texas Bluebonnet Lupinus texensis (Blue)

18. Scurf-Pea Psoralea latestipulata Bluish/Purple)

19. Winecup Callirhoe involucrata (Deep Violet)

20. Giant Spiderwort Tradescantia gigantea (Pink, Blue, Purple,White)

21. Silky Evolvulus Evolvulus nuttallianus (Light Blue)

22. False Nightshade Chamaesaracha sordida (Yellow)

23. Corn- Salad Valerianella amarella (White)

24. Wild Garlic Allium Drummondii (Pink)

25. Wild Onion Allium canadense

26. Spiked Crested Coral root Hexalectris spicata RARE – seen under Oak motts growing symbiotically with the leaves and composted soil beneath the Oaks. (Dark Maroon)

27. Prairie Celestials Nemastylis geminiflora (RARE) - Flowers fold up quickly - (Blue/White)

28. Pink Sensitive Briar Schrankia uncinate (Pink)

29. Fox-Glove Penstemon (Light Pink to White)

30. Damianita Chrysactina Mexicana (Yellow)

31. Coreopsis tinctoia (Yellow)

32. Agave Lechuguilla (Cream)

33. Barbara’s Buttons Marshallia caespitosa (White)

34. Navajo Tea Thelesperma simplicifolium (Yellow)

35. Pin Cushion Daisy Gaillardia suavis (Reddish -Yellow)

36. Two-leaved Senna Cassia Roemeriana (Yellow)

37. Indian Blanket Gaillardia pulchella (Yellow/Red)

38. Texas Thistle (Purple)

39. Plumed Thistle (Purple)

40. Malta Star Thistle – Centaurea melitensis ( Yellow-White) invasive weed

41. Woolly-White Hymenopappus scabiosaeus (White)

42. Yellow Flax Linum rigidum (Golden Yellow)

43. Gray Golden-Aster Heterotheca canescens (Yellow)

44. Prairie Verbena Glandularia bipinnatifida (Purple)

45. Scarlet Leather flower – Clematis texensis ( Vine - Red)

46. Western Venus Looking Glass Triodanis coloradoenis ( Blue)

47. Annual Pennyroyal Hedeoma acinoides (Purple)

48. Stick Leaf Mentzelia oligosperma (Yellow)

49. Rock Lettuce or White Dandelion (White)

50. Rain Lily Cooperia pedunculata (White)

51. Scarlet Guara Gaura coccinea (Pink)

52. Rabbit Tobacco Pseudognaphallum obtusifolium Creamy white

53. Dove Weed/ Woolly Croton Croton capitatus Fragrant

54. Clammy Weed Polanisia dodecandra

55. Limestone Guara Guara calicola (Brighter Pink)

56. Texas Vervain Verbena Halei (Purple/Blue)

57. Texas Bindweed Convplvulus equitans

58. Heart-Leaf Scullcap Scuterllaria ovata (Blue-Purple)

59. Green Lily or Feather Shank Schoenocaulon texanum (Light Pink/Yellow)

60. Engelmann Daisy Engelmannia pinnuatifida (Yellow)

61. Green Milkweed Vine or Pearl Milkweed (RARE) Matelea reticulata

62. White Milkwort – Poly gala alba (White)

63. Common Horehound Marrubium vugare (White/Cream)

64. Purple Horsemint/ Lemon Bee Balm Monardia citriodora (Purple)

65. Western Horse Nettle Solanum dimidiatum (Blue/Purple) round smooth fruit (toxic)

66. Mexican Hat Ratibida columnaris (Yellow/Red)

67. Skelton Plant Lygodemia texana (Light Purple)

68. Great Mullein Verbascum Thapsus (Yellow)

69. Mountain Pinks Centaurium Beyrichii (Pink)

70. Buffalo Gourd Cucurbita foetidissima (Yellow)

71. Hedgehog Cactus Ferocactus setispinus (Pink)

72. Antelope -Horns Milkweed - Asclepias Asperula Green to Maroon “horns”

73. Buffalo bur Solanum rostratum (Yellow)

74. Yellow Stonecrop Sedum Nuttallianum (Yellow)

75. Prairie Brazoria Brazoria scutellarioides ( Purple)

76. Twist-Leaf Yucca Yucca rupicola (White)

77. Pineapple Cactus Yellow with pink base

78. Texas Milkweed Asclepias texana ( White)

79. Wand Milkweed Asclepias viridiflora ( Light Pink) Rare

80. Low Wild Petunia Ruellia humilis (Light Purple)

81. Zexmenia Wedelia hispida (Yellow)

82. Texas Bluebell Gentian Eustoma grandiflorium ( Blue to Purple )

83. Texas Lantana – Calico Bush Lantana horrida ( Yellow-Orange )

84. Sunflower (Cow Pen Daisy) ( Yellow)

July – September

85. Gay- Feather /Blazing Star Liatris mucronata (Purple)

86. Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis (White)

87. Sneezeweed Helenium quadridentatum (Yellow-Red)

88. Queens Delight Stillingia Texas (Yellow)

89. Snow on the Mountain Euphorbia marginata (Varigated White)

90. Woolly Ironweed Veronia Lindheimeri (Purple)

91. Maximillan Sunflower Helianthus Maximiliani (Yellow)

92. Saw-Leaf Daisy Grindelia papposa (Yellow)

93. Palafoxia callosa (Pink)

October ~ November ~ December ~January

94. Roosevelt Weed/Poverty Weed - Baccharis neglecta (White)

95. White Aster – Aster ericoides (White )

96. Frostweed Flowers Verbesina virginica (White)

97. Tall Goldenrod Solidago altissima (Golden Yellow)

98. Lady Tresses Spiranthes cernua (White) Osage Lane

99. Tatalencho Gymnosperma glutinosum (Golden/Yellow)

100. Straggler Daisy Calyptocarpus vialis ( Yellow )

101. Prairie Larkspur Delphinium carolinianum blue – vimineum white - penardii

102. Blue- Curls Phacelia congesta (Purple)

103. Basket- Flower Centaurea americana (Purple)

104. Standing Cypress Ipomosis rubra (Orange/Red/Yellow)

105. Devils Claw Harpagophytum procumbens (Pink) Dried claw like

106. Datura -Trumpet Flower Solanacea ( White)

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