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Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Should you add fresh flowers to your program?

Introducing the floral component into your interiorscape portfolio is another way to create monthly sales, that could pay big dividends.

Flowers are a nice way to show someone how much you appreciate them.

A tough project completed, long hours at the office, a milestone anniversary, birthday, or just to lift someone’s spirits, flowers are the universal “feel good” gesture.

Most major cities have a wholesale floral supplier or two. Or, you can purchase flowers from places like Costco, grocery stores and other florists in your area, sometimes for a discounted rate.

Spending a little time in the floral cooler, learning names and basic flowers, greenery and how to process them, plus understanding the erratic seasonal and weekly pricing, will all make sense the more you delve into it. Add the decorative container options, supplies required to design and construct, and then you will be able to determine your cost per size and type of arrangement.

Studying basic designs and knowing a product like “Floralife” exists, to help maintain quality hydration and critical freshness, will only build your confidence up, and ensure your arrangement lasts longer than a few days.

Know what’s trending in the floral world. Floral shows, Florist websites, Pinterest, and Instagram are great sources for visual ideas and styles. other florist’s websites, are good ways to learn what’s new. There are loads of YouTube tutorial videos, and floral product videos that are also very helpful. One supplier that comes to mind is Oasis Foam.

Here, you’ll see color trends for the current year, and you may glean some new ideas along the way from their monthly videos.

The sale is the tricky part. Educating your client about the difference in flowers as related to price and design, is key. We are all used to seeing blown out bunches of cut flowers at the grocery store. Yes, week old Daisies at $4.99 in a $3.99 glass vase, is vastly less expensive then selecting 3-6 unique flowers, freshly open, plus greenery, and “arranging” them in an appropriate container that compliments interior design of the area. And of course there is the delivery.

Containers come in all sorts of styles and shapes. Even a visit to thrift stores and estate sales, could reveal timeless pieces that fit that perfect interior.

Gifting a small sample arrangement to a client who expresses interest, is a good way to start the process.

A weekly floral rotation can be as simple as a vase with one flower, such as a cut Cymbidium Orchid, or it can be a variety of complex colors, textures and greenery.

It's good to offer a small, medium and large arrangement:

Small being desk top and usually not over 8-10” tall.

Medium being wider and taller approx. 14”x 12”.

Large being more of a centerpiece and focal accent around 20”x 16” tall.

Once again size is determined by budget and the frequency the flowers get replaced, plus type of flower. Mix and match, build a schedule for the year where perhaps you have some Phalaenopsis Orchids, or a Bromeliad bowl in for a month or two, to offset the weekly rotation.

And have fun with it!

Flowers for longevity – tried and true long lasting color blooms:


Dianthus varieties - Carnations



Most Mum varieties


Dahlias, Nerines & Amaryllis - can last a bit longer than the average bulb

Anthurium blooms

Hypericum berries


*Leucadendrons* - protea, safari sunset, jubilee crown, brunia....


Ginger and Birds of Paradise

Pods - crocosmia, poppy, scabiosa, craspedia


Kangaroo Paws












Wax flower


Sun Flowers - petals can be plucked after they've faded for a rustic look

Limonium varieties aka statice


Stars of Bethlahem - Ornithogalum varieties

Peonies - if they start as a a budded ball - to increase bloom, clip and put in warm water

Roses - Freshness check - gently squeeze around the base to check for firmness



Rose Hip pods

Green for weeks

Aspidistra leaves

Ruscus - italian and israeli

Eucalyptus - will dry out after a week, but still looks ok

Dianthis – “green trick”


Ornamental grasses

Most plant clippings - ZZ, Philodendrons, Dracaena...


Leather Leaf

Blooming branches

Curly willow

Pussy willow


Quince Branch

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